Start a Print on Demand T-shirt Business

Start a print on demand t-shirt business with TeePublic. The first step is to click here and open your FREE online store. Now read on about TeePublic and how it works.

TeePublic is a print-on-demand platform that lets you upload your artwork and sell it to the world as apparel and many other products. You can also become an affiliate seller, which means you don’t have to come up with your own designs to make a profit. You can join the Teepublic Partner Program and curate content from the entire TeePublic design catalog and build your own branded storefront with existing designs.

Their headquarters are located in the United States and their items ship from either fulfillment centers in the United States, the United Kingdom, or the Netherlands. Specific items only ship from one location, for example, wall art will be shipped from Wisconsin.

Artists/Sellers Here’s What to Expect from TeePublic’s Marketplace:

TeePublic offers a wide variety of items on which you can print your designs like adult & kids t-shirts, infant onesies, tank tops, hoodies, crewnecks, art prints, posters, canvas prints, phone cases, mugs, notebooks, laptop sleeves, and stickers. They have over 75 unique items available, many of which offer different styles.

TeePublic prides itself on its sustainable production. They source their products from ethical suppliers, use recyclable shipping materials, and use inks that are biodegradable. These are also vegan-friendly. They also support local arts programs and charities, in order to make the world a better place by encouraging creativity.

TeePublic also gives customers the option to hire a designer. This means that if someone is browsing TeePublic and they like your design style, they can contact you and work directly with you, giving you another way to create and sell your art.

Read more about how TeePublic works its magic to produce beautiful garments and products in their Design Guide.

TeePublic’s Profit Margin Explained

TeePublic likes to keep things standardized. All products will have two different prices, a sale price (when it’s discounted during the first 72 hours, a site-wide sale, or when you’re featured!) and a regular price that will remain during all other times. Below is a sample of how much you can make from the sale of different items:

For their affiliate program, TeePublic offers a 31% commission to their partners for sales of their own merch. For example: for a $20 t-shirt you would earn $6.20 back. Earn 11% commission on sales you refer for existing TeePublic designs.

How Do You Get Paid on TeePublic?

Designers are paid every month through one of two methods:

  • PayPal
  • Payoneer

You will be paid on the 15th of every month for the sales you made during the previous calendar month. This means that if you made sales in January, you will get paid for these on February 15th. Generally, these should reach you the next day.

You can change your payment information, including your payment email address and your payment method in your account.

Does TeePublic Require an Initial Investment?

TeePublic is free to use and requires no initial investment. You are free to upload your designs and sell them without any initial payment.

Design Ownership on TeePublic

When you upload an original design to TeePublic, you have nothing to worry about in terms of ownership. You keep the copyright but you also agree to give TeePublic certain rights to “use and archive the content.”

Are you ready to get started? The first step is to click here and open your FREE online store.

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